Weekend Announcements March 9-11th: 1979 Revolution, Another Sight and More

By Rebecca Smith,
This weekend was busier than usual with seven new titles brought to our attention. Not all of them have been confirmed for Xbox One, but we're hoping they'll come to the console eventually. There's a photojournalist caught up in the Black Friday Revolution, a bid to stop Nazis procuring other-worldly mythical beings, exploring undergound London in an alternative Victorian era, a Bomberman-esque title, a Souls-like RPG in a hostile alien environment, a bid to save humanity against overwhelming odds, and a battle against the will of The Computer. Which of these titles will you be watching?

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

iNK Stories' acclaimed story-driven adventure is based on historical events and true stories. Despite the name, the story is actually set in Tehran, Iran, in 1978. Players assume the role of Reza Shirazi. The young photojournalist returns home to find the city in turmoil. People are protesting against the Shah, the city's ruling King, and it's a perfect opportunity to capture the events that are unfolding in front of you, as well as those that take place in the shadows. The decisions that you make will not only affect your fate and the path that you'll follow, but they will also affect the fate of the people around you. The game will be coming to Xbox One this spring.

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics

Developer Auroch Digital and publisher Ripstone have teamed up with Modiphius to create a World War II themed strategic RPG where players control an Allied army. As they attempt to stop a Nazi plot to use "other-worldly mythical beings" to gain the upper hand, the army becomes trapped behind enemy lines. The game's combat system uses light and darkness, the allies being stronger in the light while the Nazis hide in the darkness waiting for the right moment. Every successful action builds up momentum that can be used for new tactical attacks, each character having their own action that can range from "a rake of machine gun fire to a fast snap-shot with a pistol". The game will arrive on Xbox One later this year.

Another Sight

Lunar Great Wall Studios adventure is inspired by Neverwhere, urban fantasy created by Neil Gaiman. Combining fantasy, steampunk and the Victorian era, the game takes place in London in 1899. Kit is a teenager who likes to explore, until one day her adventures get her into trouble. The London Underground is still under construction and one of the tunnels collapses while she's exploring it, causing her to lose her sight. She now depends upon Hodge, a "mysterious red-furred cat" who she met after losing her sight. Together they explore under the surface of the city, discovering a hidden society that consists of the greatest inventors, artists and other cultural icons of the time. Using their unique talents, the pair will be able to negotiate the environment and solve puzzles during their Xbox One adventure later this year.

Blast Zone! Tournament

Inspired by Bomberman, Victory Lap Games' "ultimate love-letter to the bomb-based strategy genre" aims to have up to eight players locally or up to 32 players online in frenzied matches across a variety of game modes. The title will include ten multiplayer modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Bomb Blast where bombs are used to paint floor tiles, and King Mode where a team of defenders must protect a Very Important Bomber from the team of attackers. Each mode can be played on 280 levels from one of seven themed locales, like a tropical jungle, pirate ship, or a 1990s dance club filled with smoke. The game's single-player campaign (known as Challenge Mode) tasks players with being triumphant throughout four seasons of a reality TV game show, consisting of 240 challenges in total. There's also a huge range of customisation options for characters and levels. You can battle your friends when the game comes to Xbox One in the latter half of this year.


Massive Work Studio's Souls-like sci-fi action-RPG puts players into the location of the greatest recorded massacre in galactic history. Revion Prime is a hostile world where the corpses of its inhabitants orbit the planet like a mass grave. The sole survivor of a crew of astronauts, you wake up below the surface of the planet with no supplies. You've been abducted into a distant future and you need to find out why, what happened to the rest of your crew, and how you got there. Harvest resources to craft armour, weapon upgrades and consumables. Reactors will power your space suit and give you new attributes, and gaining experience will allow you to customise your character to fit your playstyle. Revion Prime is filled with "eldritch horrors and abominable beings" and you need to stop yourself from being their next victim when the game arrives on unspecified consoles in the future.

Grim Dawn

Crate Entertainment's action RPG throws players into the world of Cairn, where an eternal war between two otherworldly powers continues to threaten humanity. One power wishes to use human bodies as a resource. The other wants to destroy humanity before that happens. Either way, it isn't looking good. A few humans who have survived possession by one of these factions have started to display new abilities. They're feared by some survivors, but they're also the source of hope for others who feel they're the only chance to reclaim the world for humanity. Players assume the role of one of these humans whose Aetherial influence gives strength beyond that of a normal human. The title is "coming posthaste" to Xbox One. Will you save Cairn?

Paranoia: The Official Video Game

Dan Gelber, Greg Costikyan, and Eric Goldberg's pen and paper game Paranoia is making the jump to consoles thanks to developers Cyanide and Black Shamrock. Alpha Complex is the last remaining human paradise, or at least The Computer states it's a paradise. Disagreeing with or even questioning The Computer could result in death, and it is constantly judging your performance. You are the leader of the Red Clearance Troubleshooter team, tasked with shooting anyone causing trouble, but those baddies aren't even your most potent threat. Instead, betrayal will most likely be the cause of your demise, be it by your team mates or somebody else. If you die, you have five replacement clones to attempt life again, but they're not always complete copies of the original person. The title will be arriving "when the Computer decides that the time is right" — will you avoid being incinerated?

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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