10 Years of TrueAchievements - The Site History

By Rich Stone, 9 months ago
TrueAchievements is 10 years old this week, and we thought it would be cool to look back over the major developments and changes to the site over last 10 years.

For a detailed explanation of why I wanted to re-score achievements in the first place, please subscribe to our podcast - we'll be discussing the topic in this week's show.

10 Years of TrueAchievements

2008 - Developments

  • 14th March - created the formula for the TrueAchievement Ratio
  • 15th March - wrote version 1 of the TA Scanner - it parsed xbox.com for my friends' games and achievement wins and stored them in a database
  • 15th March - bought the domain trueachievements.com
  • 1st April - First version of the website went live
  • 7th July - GamerCards went live
  • 13th July - User leaderboards went live
  • 21st July - TrueAchievements forums went live - we could finally get some discussion going!
  • 29th August - My Achievements page went live
  • 6th September - Trophy Case went live

2008 - Milestones

And on 26th July, I changed my Gamertag to TrueAchievement.

TrueAchievements very early design (missing some styling!)TrueAchievements very early design (missing some styling!)

2009 - Developments

2009 - Milestones

Homepage updated to show Xbox news by the TA NewshoundsHomepage updated to show Xbox news by the TA Newshounds

2010 - Developments

2010 - Milestones

Big redesign for the new decade!Big redesign for the new decade!

2011 - Developments

2011 - Milestones

2012 - Developments

2012 - Milestones

2013 - Developments

2013 - Milestones

Another big redesign to bring the site up to dateAnother big redesign to bring the site up to date

2014 - Developments

2014 - Milestones

2015 - Developments

2015 - Milestones

2016 - Developments

2016 - Milestones

Homepage updated with a new featured story sectionHomepage updated with a new featured story section

2017 - Developments

2017 - Milestones

2018 - Developments

2018 - Milestones

Wow, what a ride! And we have more awesome developments in store for this year too.

Thank you for being part of the TrueAchievements community!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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