Which Xbox Achievement Are You Most Proud Of?

By Mark Delaney, 9 months ago
As the celebration of a decade on TA continues all week, today we're looking at the Xbox achievements that have filled us with the most pride when we heard that Pavlovian pop. Which singular achievement is your proudest? We rounded up the memories of staff members on TA to kick off the conversation, and we invite you to do the same.

Share with us the story of your proudest achievement!Share with us the story of your proudest achievement!


TrueAchievementsThe First Rule of TrueAchievements...The The First Rule of TrueAchievements... achievement in TrueAchievements worth 0 points...is don't talk about TrueAchievements

This achievement means so much - having devoted the majority of my spare time to building a site devoted to achievements over the previous 7 years, actually being able to create my own achievement and see it pop on my development console was a pretty incredible feeling.

When we actually launched the TrueAchievements App, the feedback was phenomenal and for a good while it was the highest rated app on the Xbox Store. I'm very proud to have created something that means so much to me and actually runs on a console under my TV, it's something I never thought I would get to do.


Alien: IsolationOne ShotThe One Shot achievement in Alien: Isolation worth 513 pointsComplete the game without dying

This game as a whole will always stick in my memory because it was the first horror game I saw through until the end, and it was also the game we covered in my first ever podcast appearance on TA Playlist. I still have the occasional nightmare about the last few levels. I was terrified beyond measure of the game itself, nervous about my upcoming podcast debut, and genuinely worried that I would have to sacrifice my carefully cultivated no-deaths playthrough in order to finish the game before we recorded.

I will always remember sitting in my living room at 3 am, a little over 12 hours away from recording, camping in the stairwell between me and Sevastopol's final exit while two xenomorphs screeched and stalked around me. Somehow, through a combination of luck and skill (and screaming wordlessly at my own TV), I finally saw that achievement pop and collapsed into a shuddering heap on the floor. It's not the scariest game ever made or the most difficult achievement to attain, but it will always have a proud place on my digital mantle-piece regardless.

Marc Pilkington

Mass Effect 3Perfect HostThe Perfect Host achievement in Mass Effect 3 worth 16 pointsThrow a party for your friends.

By no means is this my toughest achievement earned, but it is certainly one of the most memorable. Being my favourite series, the final Mass Effect DLC held a huge significance in my gaming life. It was an emotional experience and I'm not ashamed to say there were some tears amongst the laughter. Mass Effect fans will agree that both the characters and story are what truly make this series and the "Citadel" DLC delivered in that regard, with the party sitting at its peak. As I sat in awe of how incredibly well done this segment was as Shepard woke up with his love interest (good ol' Liara) and the achievement popped, all I could think of was how perfect an ending this was for the series. To this day it stands as one of the best moments in gaming I've ever experienced.

Mystic Typh00n

Rock Band 2The Beat Goes OnThe The Beat Goes On achievement in Rock Band 2 worth 69 pointsComplete all beats at 100 BPM or higher or half of the beats at 180 BPM or higher

Anybody that knows me knows that I absolutely love the music genre and everything that comes with it. Those people may also know I'm completely horrendous at playing drums. Always have been. This achievement was a monumental accomplishment for myself and marked the moment where I could actually complete Rock Band 2.


Battlefield: Bad CompanyI am Bad Company!The I am Bad Company! achievement in Battlefield: Bad Company worth 265 points(Online) Achieve all the awards

There are so many achievements I am proud to have unlocked in my collection and no doubt I should be getting more soon enough, but when asked my proudest, "I Am Bad Company" sparkled in my mind and shined in the sunlight. Oh boy, the effort you had to put in to get this achievement really takes the biscuit, especially if you were planning to boost it with a group of people. This was harder to obtain than getting 10,002 Kills. Just look at the ratio! 120 Awards and all of them need to be unlocked in ranked Xbox Live matches!


Bass Pro Shops: The HuntSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt worth 511 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

While not the singular hardest or longest achievement I've done, this one is pretty important to me. When I had decided to do it, only 2 people in the world had previously unlocked the achievement and neither were giving any tips or information on how it was done. There was a lot of confusion surrounding this achievement, with many people writing it off as impossible or too difficult to try.

I gave it a go pretty much every day. I'd dedicate an hour here or an hour there to it, practicing the mini-game and learning the patterns the AI animals ran and how to minimize time spent in rounds. After weeks of trying, on my last attempt of the day, I finally beat the Blindfire game. This was after 3 previous attempts of failing either on the last level or almost the last level. It's one of the achievements I certainly can look back on with pride, especially since only one other person has also been able to do it since.


Guitar Hero III: Legends of RockLiving LegendsThe Living Legends achievement in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock worth 719 points5 Star all Co-op songs on Expert

GH3 is a brutally difficult game on expert and takes a huge amount of dedication and time to even beat the career, let alone get five stars on both solo AND co-op expert songs. The latter is exceptionally hard due to the lack of online co-op in career, so you have to get someone to sit next to you on the couch and five-star every song on co-op expert. After years of searching for a local co-op buddy, I finally managed to find one. Both players need to be confident on expert, so it is not possible to do with an idle controller. Without a doubt, the most difficult song was "Raining Blood." It still gives me nightmares. It's such an intense and muscle aching song that it became so tedious and painful. I'll never forget when the bleep-bloop appeared.

Dat Boi Treezy

Virtua Tennis 3Gold in all AcademyThe Gold in all Academy achievement in Virtua Tennis 3 worth 626 pointsClear all the academy mission with gold medals

Following my playtime with the game wherein I unlocked all but the Gold Academy achievement, I moved on from the game for just under five years. After playing the game at a Play Blackpool Expo event in 2015 and enjoying the blast into the past, I decided to pick up another copy and give the tough achievement another shot. I leveled up my character to the absolute max, I practised and practised and practised from roughly May 2015 through to August 2015.

The pain of failure was unreal and at one point, I almost called it quits. My partner, who has never really shown much interest or passion in my gaming, responded to my giving up by egging me to carry on and telling me that she would be very surprised if I gave up. Fellow TA'er Arcane Insanity even PM'd me with about three or four paragraphs worth of wisdom. I decided not to give up and carry on and eventually, my endless hours of practice and mastering my skills paid off making this 20+ TA Ratio achievement easily my proudest one.


Dragon Age: InquisitionInquisitorThe Inquisitor achievement in Dragon Age: Inquisition worth 425 pointsFinish the single-player campaign on Nightmare without lowering the difficulty.

I'm somewhat of a casual achievement hunter (is that an oxymoron?), so I rarely push myself to fully complete games. I don't usually go for tough achievements at all unless I really enjoy the game. This was the case with Dragon Age: Inquistion. For reasons I can't exactly explain, I ended up playing through the series backwards with Inquisition being my first Dragon Age game. I was hooked immediately though and ended up playing through the game almost twice before even attempting to play the game on Nightmare difficulty. Multiple playthroughs are also a rarity for me, especially with games of this length.

To put an end to my rambling, I'm proud that I unlocked this achievement because I usually wouldn't have given an achievement like this a second thought. It was challenging and time-consuming, but ultimately rewarding. Dragon Age is now one of my favourite series of games. I actually recently bought Inquisition again on PC, and I can't wait to start my next Nightmare run.


N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains ObscureSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure worth 128 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

It wasn't a hard or long achievement, but it was the one with which I landed perfectly on 500,000 gamerscore with 500 games on my tag with 18,500 achievements, and 100% completion.

I am proud of it because of the planning it took. With games like Killer Instinct and Neverwinter on my tag, both getting endless DLC at the time, planning my 500K goal during a gap in DLC releases, and managing to land perfectly on 500K/500games/18,500achievementss was the challenge, and it was definitely tricky to pull off. Now that I am 90% retires from hunting, that will probably remain my proudest accomplishment.

Piston Toyota

Metal Gear Solid HD CollectionGreat DaneThe Great Dane achievement in Metal Gear Solid HD Collection worth 443 pointsCollect all dog tags

This requires beating Metal Gear Solid 2 on every difficulty. Metal Gear Solid 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. It introduced me to the entire stealth genre that I'm still a big fan of to this day. However, I never managed to beat it on the highest difficulty level back in the day, as it simply proved a bit too difficult for me at the time. So, when going through it for the HD Collection I was a bit worried about if I'd be able to manage it. Luckily for me, I did it and didn't even struggle that much. Being able to see how much I've improved my skills over the years in a tangible way like that was very satisfying, and it was nice to slay an old nemesis from my gaming past.


Super Meat BoyI'm A Golden God!The I'm A Golden God! achievement in Super Meat Boy worth 102 points100% the game

I was in college when I did this and everyone in the dorm on my floor knew I was going for it. On the night that I got it, at least 10 people crammed into our tiny room to watch it pop and celebrate. Even the RA showed up and lifted quiet hours so we could be as loud as we'd like at such a late hour.


UnravelNot so fragile after allThe Not so fragile after all achievement in Unravel worth 421 pointsFinish each level from start to finish without dying

My 47% completion percentage and 1.43 TA ratio should tell you I don't spend much time chasing particularly difficult or time-consuming achievements. Far more often, I finish a game's story and move onto the next one quite happily. Unravel is a game that means a whole lot to me, however, so it's one of the rare instances of a game that kept me around until I cleaned up the whole list. The last one to chase was this one that requires you beat the game without dying. It's not as difficult as those in similar platformers that demand the same results, but it was an occasionally maddening challenge I beat over the course of a week with lots of practice and restarts.

Unravel is a game about family and tending to the things you care about. I beat the game during a stretch where work took me away from my family for six months. The ending to Unravel will stick with me forever as I beat it alone, missing my fiancee and son tremendously. Sometime after I got home, I committed to playing it again in a happier environment and finishing the achievement list. When I finally popped that one, it seemed all was right in the world again, for reasons bigger than just a bit of Gamerscore — though that felt great too.


The WitnessSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Witness worth 516 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

To be honest, this achievement isn't the hardest I've gotten. It wasn't the end of an especially large grind either. But this achievement means a lot when it comes to this website. It represents friends and the beginnings of my dip into streaming. A chance at getting to know new people because of TrueAchievements and working together towards a common goal. The group of friends met and who worked together to knock this one out is invaluable.

I've gone back to this part of the game multiple times since then to do it again on my own. Did I? Yes, but it didn't have the same magic or meaning behind it. The first time through was a culmination of so much time and enjoyment that epitomizes my time here. This one achievement perfectly encapsulates everything that I hold important about TrueAchievements as we near its tenth Birthday.

Do you have a fun story behind your proudest achievement unlocked? Share it with us in the comments! Check back all week for more as we celebrate the first decade of TrueAchievements!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark is a Boston native now living in Portland, Oregon. He's the Editorial Manager on TA, loves story-first games, and is the host of the community game club TA Playlist. Outside of games he likes biking, sci-fi, the NFL, and spending time with his family. He almost never writes in the third person.