Xbox Game Pass & EA Access Game Collection Integration

By HitmanOllie, 9 months ago
For those of you using game subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass and EA Access Vault, managing your game collection just got a whole lot easier! We've just introduced a new site feature located on these pages in a new Subscription Manager right panel.

How It Works

Pressing this button will notify us that you have a subscription to the relevant service. From then on, games that are part of that service will be automatically added to your game collection if you don't already own them via some other means.

These games will be marked with an ownership status corresponding to the service to which you are subscribed, so they can be easily filtered in your list.

Turning It Off

If your subscription runs out or you simply don't want auto-management any more, just press the button again to remove all the relevant games from your collection. Don't worry, though, games you've started or games you own will remain!

Private Messages

As new games are added to the services, we send out PMs to service subscribers detailing the new titles. These will be batched up so you will never receive more than one per day.

An example of the PM you'll receiveAn example of the PM you'll receive

Achievement Lists

Lastly, if you fancy going one step further by including all of your new subscription titles in your achievement list for easy hunting, then simply turn off the 'Exclude unstarted games from my achievements' setting located on the Site Settings page.

Site setting

We hope you make the most of this cool new feature!