Inside Xbox Recap - Cities: Skylines Coming to Game Pass, PixARK Dated

By Rebecca Smith,
Who remembers the Inside Xbox series of shows that used to take pride of place on the Xbox 360 dashboard in the UK? Many people mourned the series' cancellation in 2012 and the two presenters, Andy Farrant and Dan Maher, moved on to other projects. Last weekend, Microsoft brought the show back. Its debut episode featured a range of familiar faces, such as Larry Hryb, Jeff Rubenstein, Lydia Ellery, Alex Hebert and Graeme Boyd, and its aim was to bring you all of the latest Xbox news. Some of the most notable titbits were a release date for PixARK and the reveal of the first title to be added to Xbox Game Pass next month.

PixARK is an "open world voxel-based sandbox survival" title based in the ARK world. The game is aimed at players of all ages, so has a more colourful and accessible approach than its forefather. Players are still stranded on a procedurally generated island and they'll need to hunt, harvest, craft, farm, and build to be able to survive. Studio Wildcard's Navin Supphapholsiri revealed that the game will be coming to Xbox One on March 27th.


In April, eight new titles will be introduced to Xbox Game Pass. The team revealed the first of these eight titles: Cities: Skylines. The city builder allows players to manage their creation's infrastructure, districts, utilities, healthcare, emergency responders, and more. The rest of the seven titles will likely be revealed towards the end of the month, and we'll be sure to let you know when that happens.

Cities: Skylines

The Xbox Engineering and Marketing teams were also on hand to go through some of the features that will be appearing with the Xbox One Spring Update. Some of these features had been revealed previously, but there are a couple of new surprises.

  • Antal Tungler from AMD announced that Xbox One S and Xbox One X will support variable refresh rate on AMD Radeon FreeSync displays. Freesync technology helps get rid of tearing and stuttering while gaming, enabling the display and Xbox One to work together to create a smooth and seamless gaming experience. Freesync allows for a supported TV or monitor to synchronize its refresh rate with your console.
  • ‘Share to Twitter’ will allow you to share clips and screenshots that will be viewable in-line, directly on your Twitter feed. This new feature will also automatically place that screenshot or video into your Twitter media library, as well as suggest hashtags, such as the game title.
  • Xbox One will also begin supporting Auto Low Latency Mode on supported TVs later in 2018, including select models from Samsung. Auto Low Latency Mode will recognize when a game is being played and automatically switch your TV to a low-latency mode. This will enable you to continue using some of your TVs video processing options while you’re watching a movie or Mixer stream, but be comfortable that any post-processing will automatically be turned off when you switch back over to a game.
  • The Microsoft Edge browser is also getting an update on Xbox One. The browser now looks and feels more like Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. You can also download and upload files, including pictures and videos, directly to your Xbox One or attached storage device. For example, if you find a great picture online that you’d like to use as your Xbox One background, you can download the image with Microsoft Edge and set it as your custom background.
  • Share Controller on Mixer was announced. Mixer streamers on Xbox One will be able to share their controller directly with viewers on Once shared, a viewer on their PC can help control the experience with either an on-screen virtual controller or with a physical controller connected to the PC. This is available now for testing on the Xbox Insider Alpha ring.
Finally, there was a lot of talk about Sea of Thieves, including an updated respawn system and the ability to favourite Pirate characters, discussion about the latest PUBG: Battlegrounds update, and an interview with Far Cry 5's lead writer Drew Holmes and actor Greg Byrke. You can view everything mentioned above in the entire show in the video below. The show starts at 4:52.

The Inside Xbox show will screen monthly on Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube. We'll be sure to bring you all of the news from the next episode as we get it.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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