DLC Character Noctis Debuts in Tekken 7 Next Week

By Will Cruz,
Did you ever picture the day Noctis would crossover to Tekken 7? Months ago, Bandai Namco revealed that the prince himself would be joining the Tekken roster in the form of DLC. The developer recently revealed the official release date and a new character trailer showcasing Noctis scrapping with other fighters.

Tekken 7

What would Noctis Lucis Caelum be without his blade? The latest trailer shows the prince wielding his signature weapon in multiple outfits and a familiar location. Fans can witness Noctis wearing his Regular, Casual, Royal, and Choc-Mog style outfits. If you’ve played Final Fantasy XV, you may recognize the Hammerhead stage from the game as well. If you're ready to witness the prince deliver the pain, check out the trailer below.

Noctis will be coming to Tekken 7 as part of "DLC 3" on March 20th.
Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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