Robocraft Infinity Gets Weekend Beta

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
Robot building and battling title Robocraft Infinity is one of Microsoft's 2018 exclusives set to launch as an Xbox One and Windows 10 Play Anywhere title. We've heard about and seen bits and pieces of the game since its announcement, but now Xbox One players can try out the title in a beta announced by developer Freejam.

The beta can be accessed this weekend through the Xbox Insider hub's "Insider Content" section. Access does appear to be somewhat limited and is on a "first come, first served basis," but Freejam is expecting 100,000 participants, so there is plenty of room for interested players.

The beta includes "the complete editor toolset and two different 5 vs. 5 multiplayer game modes, Team Deathmatch and the capture point-based Battle Arena." Freejam's Community Manager has also released a Getting Started video which should guide newcomers through the basics of Robocraft before they get their hands on the beta.

The official beta period for Robocraft Infinity is Friday, March 16th 12:00 UTC to Monday, March 19th at 12:00 UTC.

We've got the full list of Robocraft Infinity achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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