Indie Sidescroller My Memory of Us Depicts Innocence Amid World War II

By Mark Delaney, 9 months ago
Indie studio Juggler Games has revealed their title My Memory of Us, a 2.5D puzzle-sidescroller that takes place in a time and place that are meant to closely resemble World War II. As the game follows two playable protagonists through their war-torn city, the analogous details of the narrative are meant to hearken back to actual events in the war. It's technically set in Warsaw, Poland, but in the story the setting is simply known as The City. Likewise, the regime plowing down their buildings and occupying their land isn't Hitler's Third Reich, but rather the Evil King. Concentration camps and genocidal intent are both on their villainous to-do list, so the allegory won't easily be missed.

At the heart of the game is the bond between the two friends, one boy and one girl, and their daring escape from the Evil King's clutches. The game is meant to stand as a monument to the heroes and victims of WWII, says the studio. CEO Mikolaj Pawlowski added:

My Memory of Us is a game dedicated to those before us, including our own family members, that were separated during WWII, but fought to overcome unimaginable horrors armed with their love and belief that one day they would be together again, in this world, or the next.
A brief trailer accompanied the reveal, which clues us into the game's childlike art style, and juxtaposed innocence and grave danger.

My Memory of Us is scheduled to arrive in Q3 2018.

We've got the full list of My Memory of Us achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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