TERA Gets Another Short Console Beta

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
Last weekend, MMO players interested in the upcoming console version of TERA got to try out an open beta. Today, the floodgates for the beta have opened once again with a small restriction: testing is only available to users who participated last weekend and already have the client downloaded.


The following bugs have been fixed from last week's beta:

  • Nearly all zones, including major towns, will now offer multiple Channels to switch between. To switch channels on PlayStation®4, press the Options button to bring up the main menu, then press Triangle. On Xbox One, press the Menu button, and then press Y.
  • Your UI will no longer close by itself when near other players using a pegasus or interacting with a teleportal.
  • Nameplates for players and NPCs will no longer disappear and force you to restart the client.
  • We are raising the level cap to 58! This means that not only will you have access to more areas and more dungeons, but if you achieve level 40 with any character, you will be able to access an additional class to play: the reaper!
  • General memory and stability improvements.
  • Your existing TERA client will update with the latest patch (available now!), and your Open Beta characters will remain playable for this test! (Please remember that we will still be wiping character progress before launch.)
Developer Bluehole also thinks they have found a fix for "the lag and crashing when 200+ players were all in the same area at the same time," which plagued the first beta, "causing performance issues, freezing, and crashes." The team says of the fixes, "We need your help to verify that they're successful."

The beta is open now and will close at 9 p.m. PDT on March 17th / 4 a.m. UTC on March 18th.

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Kelly Packard
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