Warriors: Legends of Troy Trailer and Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The Trojans and the Greeks clash over the love of a single woman. The fates of these civilizations now have to be decided in Warriors: Legends of Troy. Witness the battles in the final trailer before the game is released:

Achilles, Aeneas and Patroklos are three of the playable characters in the game.

Son of the goddess Thetis, Achilles is the mightiest warrior within the Greek army who has an infamous reputation of cutting down many Trojans in his path. His vicious method of slicing through the carnage in war strikes fear not only in his enemies but his allies as well.
Achilles concept art

Achilles screenshot 1

Achilles screenshot 2

Achilles screenshot 3

Achilles screenshot 4

Aeneas is [...] the son of the Dardanian prince, Anchises, one of Troy's neighboring allies. Due to his family's ties to the Trojan king, Priam, he is a steadfast believer for the Trojan cause. Though young and seemingly inexperienced, Aeneas is a crafty, quickwitted warrior on the field. He tries to stifle arrogance with abiding confidence, seeking to remain broadminded if possible.
Aeneas concept art

Aeneas screenshot 1

Aeneas screenshot 2

Aeneas screenshot 3

Aeneas screenshot 4

Patroklos is [...] Achilles's extraordinary friend from the battlefront who covers his friend's back in the field. Compared to Achilles, he has a cold, stoic composure and seems unapproachable. However, both men are bonded together by their distinct enjoyment for war and victory
Patroklos concept art

Patroklos screenshot 1

Patroklos screenshot 2

Patroklos screenshot 3

Patroklos screenshot 4

Patroklos screenshot 5

Two of the bosses that players will encounter are the Cyclops and the Griffin.

Cyclops 1

Cyclops 2

Cyclops 3

Griffin 1

Griffin 2

Griffin 3

KOEI also released a handful of other screenshots. These have a Perimeter and Resistance theme.

Perimeter 1

Perimeter 2

Perimeter 3

Perimeter 4

Resistance 1

Resistance 2

Resistance 3

Resistance 4

Rumours are circulating that the North American version of the game has been cancelled on the Xbox 360, after all traces of the game were removed from the US version of the KOEI Warriors website. KOEI has not confirmed these rumours, and although GameStop has since removed the Xbox 360 listing from its website, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and kmart are all still taking pre-orders on the Xbox 360 listing. The European release is unaffected.

Warriors: Legends Of Troy is set for release on March 8th, 2011 in North America, and March 11th in Europe. An Australian release date is yet to be confirmed.
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