ID@Xbox Attends GDC 18 With 45 Titles: Part 1

By Rebecca Smith,
Microsoft's ID@Xbox program has been helping indie titles onto the Xbox One console and Windows 10 PCs for five years. At this week's Game Developers Conference, Microsoft will be bringing ID@Xbox to attendees with over 50 titles at the show. Only 45 of those titles have been named, but they will all be present at a press preview event and/or the open event at the Moscone Center Lobby Bar, the latter of which people will be able to visit without a conference pass. Of those titles, 21 haven't been revealed previously and we have details on all of the new titles. There were so many that we've split the article into two parts. Check out the first 11 titles on the list below:

9 Monkeys of Shaolin

Sobaka Studio's upcoming brawler aims to invoke memories of old-school SNES or SEGA beat 'em ups. Wei Cheng is a Chinese fisherman who sees his friends and family slaughtered when his village is raided by pirates. Appearances are deceptive, though, as Cheng knows the basics of ancient martial arts, those mastered only by legendary Shaolin monks, and he's determined to avenge their deaths. He'll take on hordes of enemies in battles that carry an atmosphere akin to 70s kung-fu films. The game will be arriving on Xbox One this fall and will be enhanced for Xbox One X.

Apocalypse Cow

Monsters' "cinematic arcade platformer" is described as a Pixar movie "if it was directed by Tarantino as a violent and explosive arcade adventure". Candyworld was once a land of unicorns and happiness. Now it's a hell-hole full of thugs and violence. Penny is a short-tempered Gamewalker who can disrupt time. She enters Candyworld to look for her friend's robot who has gone missing. By disrupting time, she can slow down traps, outrun bullets, freeze things in mid air and blow things up. She'll also battle thugs, strippers, insecure robots and wizards who watch Netflix. Her quest to find the robot begins on Xbox One and Windows 10 later this year. The title is Play Anywhere and will be enhanced for Xbox One X.


Skeleton Crew Studio's title is inspired by classic fighting and modern battle games, trying to bring technical fights to a wider audience by making them more accessible. Angwaii is a world filled with spells, special moves and close quarters combat. Any style can be combined and everything can be destroyed. The game is easy to pick up but a challenge to master with a "unique style combination system". Players can take on friends, challenge the AI, or tackle over two dozen quests. The title will be coming to Xbox One in the future.

Can't Drive This

The developer of ChromaGun is back with a new "co-op racing platformer". In the game, one player drives while the other player has to build the track. Players can be as sadistic as they like with plenty of obstacles, stunt controls and customisation features on offer. However, if the car goes too slow then it will explode, so you haven't got long to think about it. The game offers a variety of game modes, such as Yardage where players have to construct a track in a fixed space, and Tilemania where players must travel as far as they can in a straight line. The title is due to hit Steam in the final part of this year — we assume it will come to Xbox One and Windows 10 around the same time. The title is Play Anywhere and will be enhanced for Xbox One X.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Already released on mobile devices, Mobirate's tactical survival game will be making the jump to Xbox One on April 6th. Players are tasked with defending their bus from an undead invasion and preventing them from eating the survivors. You'll set up camp and manage your team of gladiators as they use any tactic available to defeat the zombies, be it explosive barrels, grenades, molotov cocktails, or good old-fashioned firepower. Collect items, earn experience and upgrade your equipment to be able to take on more zombies.


Traxmaster Software's combat platformer takes place inside the computer of an elderly woman. Her system has been hijacked by a totalitarian virus and it's up to a lone software routine to resist against the virus. Along the way, the levels will transform by moving and rotating, providing the next task to accomplish, but it's up to you to find the fastest route through a level. Combine special attacks and create combos to defeat enemies as effectively as possible, with aggressive strategies yielding the biggest bonuses. Hidden artifacts allow players to purchase attack upgrades. You'll get to fight the virus amongst a sea of flashy neon visuals when the game comes to Xbox One in the future.

Flipping Death

From the minds behind Zombie Vikings and Stick It To The Man comes another weird and wonderful adventure. The game takes place in Flatwood Peaks, a small and seemingly whimsical town. The town has a problem, though — Death is on holiday and the ghosts are becoming restless. The player character must help the ghosts with their problems while trying to solve the mystery of her own demise. The title will be coming to Xbox One in the future.


In Studio Canvas' multiplayer title, up to four players assume the role of goats battling to become king of the mountain. You'll race each other to the top of nine different mountains while trying to headbutt your opponents off their precarious perch. If you stay at the top for 30 seconds, you'll be the winner. You'll also be the only goats with the ability to use lightning, fire, shields, weapons, power-ups and bombs to stop your opponents. The game will be arriving on Xbox One in the future.

Harold Halibut

Harold is a laboratory assistant and a janitor. In Slow Bros. stop-motion adventure title made out of wood, clay and metal, he's tasked with looking after an underwater community. The community formed after 200 years of enclosed space travel, but is stuck in a weird place somewhere between the influence of its launch on earth in the 1970s and the effects of the discoveries of foreign planets and their inhabitants. Not everything has gone smoothly and the community is far too fixated on being the last outpost of humanity. You'll need to talk to the residents of the world, but each conversation has a chance to affect Harold's personality. You'll need to inspect and play with the objects you find, but break something and you could upset the wrong person. See how you get on when the game is released on Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere title next year. The game will be enhanced for Xbox One X.

Not much is known about NEXT Studio's upcoming puzzle adventure title. Players assume the role of Iris, a girl who follows her pet cat into a theatre and attempts to uncover a "lost dark truth". The title has a unique art style and is focused on a light and shadow theme. You'll be able to investigate the title for yourself when it arrives on Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere title. The game will be enhanced for Xbox One X.

Jump Gunners

NerdRage Studios' upcoming arena fighter is promised to be the "definitive couch combat game". Up to four players battle to become the champion, but it's up to you whether you fight alone or whether you team up to take down your foes together. The gameplay is easy to pick up but difficult to master, and players will face multiple game modes, over 20 different weapons, environments that can be destroyed, and battles that can be customised to suit your rules. The title will be coming to Xbox One later this year.

Stay tuned for part two, with the remaining 10 new titles and the other 24 named titles that will be at the event.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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