Attack on Titan 2 Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 9 months ago
We have just picked up the achievement list for Attack on Titan 2, which is developed by Omega Force and published by KOEI.

Abandon all fear. Attack on Titan 2 is the gripping sequel to the action game based on the worldwide hit anime series "Attack on Titan."

You can find guides to unlocking these achievements as soon as we have them on the Attack on Titan 2 Achievements page.
Attack on Titan 2

There are 40 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
All Achievements Unlocked Acquire all achievements. 100
Top Level Cadet Get selected as a top-performing cadet. 10
Outstanding Attack 1 Complete Story Mode Chapter 1. 10
Outstanding Attack 2 Complete Story Mode Chapter 2. 10
Outstanding Attack 3 Complete Story Mode Chapter 3. 10
Outstanding Attack 4 Complete Story Mode Chapter 4. 10
Outstanding Attack 5 Complete Story Mode Chapter 5. 10
A Hero is Born Complete the final chapter of Story Mode. 10
Survey Merit 1 Complete 25% of Scout Missions. 10
Survey Merit 2 Complete 50% of Scout Missions. 10
Survey Merit 3 Complete 100% of Scout Missions. 10
Exceptional Achieve a Battle Rating of S in an episode. 10
Greatest of All Time Achieve a Battle Rating of S in all Story Mode episodes. 10
Special Elimination Medal 1 Complete a Dire Elimination. 10
Special Elimination Medal 2 Complete all Story Mode Dire Eliminations. 10
Journey to the Unknown 1 Reach 25% Gallery completion. 10
Journey to the Unknown 2 Reach 50% Gallery completion. 10
Journey to the Unknown 3 Reach 100% Gallery completion. 10
One of a Kind Level the protagonist to max level. 10
Elite Level one character to max rank. 10
Devote Your Heart! Unlock all characters. 20
Early Bird Successfully complete a Sneak Attack. 30
Swift Blade Eliminate a Titan with the Hook Drive. 30
The Power of Friendship Use a Buddy Action. 30
Savior Save 100 or more comrades. 30
Can't Catch Me! Avoid 100 Titan attacks. 30
Fight! Eliminate a total of 1,000 enemies. 30
Exceptional Elimination Assistance Get 2,000 total body part destructions. 30
All Units Charge! Have over 100 allies join. 30
Overcome the Fear of Death Have over 100 allies die. 30
Diligence Complete 100 Side Missions. 30
Poised and Ready Build 100 bases in battle. 30
Budding Bonds Increase friendship rank. 30
In This Together Level one character to max friendship. 30
Trusted Friends Level all characters to max friendship. 50
Prudent Send 50 gifts. 50
Reformation Use 1,000 Wings of Freedom. 50
Investing in Humanity Use more than 100,000 Regiment Funds in total. 50
Extreme Training Max out all training. 50
Thirst for Knowledge Max out Titan Research Room level. 50
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