How To Find A Friendly Crew In Sea Of Thieves

By Rich Stone, 9 months ago
Everyone seems to be starting Sea of Thieves this week. If you are one of those planning to sail the high seas, you'll want to find a good crew to ensure you have the most fun you possibly can with the game!

One of the most used features of TrueAchievements is our Gaming Session calendar. From this page you can find upcoming sessions for games you own, games on your boost list, and various other filters.

What are gaming sessions?

Gaming sessions allow you to specify a date and time to play a game with other people on TrueAchievements. You can tell them the achievements you want to aim for, the number of people you need, and the time and the length of the session. You can restrict the session to your TA friends or can leave it open to all - you can also choose to manually approve people to add to the session.

Once the session is set up, anyone with that game on their boost list will be notified of the session details - and you'll also be notified via PM when people join.

Creating a new gaming session

To create a session for Sea of Thieves, click on the Create session button on the right hand side of the Sea of Thieves Achievements page, or use this link. Set the time, the number of people you need, and how long you think the session will last. You can also choose some achievements to go for if you have some specific ones in mind.

Create a new gaming sessionCreate a new gaming session

Here's the session we've made for our live stream this afternoon: Co-op Gaming Session for Sea of Thieves

To be notified of sessions for Sea of Thieves, make sure you add it to your boost list:

Add to boost listAdd to boost list

Finally, you can set up a whole boatload of session-related settings on the Gaming Session Settings page, including what times and days you would like to be notified for sessions!

Remember, Sea of Thieves is available now for free on Xbox Game Pass.

We've got the full list of Sea of Thieves achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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