State of Decay 2 Stream Details Base Building

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
As part of their exclusive coverage this month, IGN got the first glimpse into the base building mechanic in State of Decay 2. Base building was a large part of State of Decay and has been improved for the franchise's upcoming instalment. The user interface and the menus have been redesigned, and there are far more options for players to use in their base. After the initial reveal, Undead Labs' Geoffrey Card, Brant Fitzgerald, Susan Oleinik and Brian Giaime took to their weekly stream to break down the mode in more detail.

12/06/17 - Screens

There will now be large and normal development plots. Larger plots allow for bigger projects that provide significant benefits, like large farm plots that provide a lot of food. There will be more structures that can be built, as well as increased functionality, so players can now craft different consumables, weapon modifications and vehicle upgrades as long as the relevant workshops are built and upgraded. All constructions will be made in in-game minutes due to the removal of offline progress.

One thing to bear in mind is that the base will not be a completely safe area. Zombies can walk into the base and will cause destruction to some areas, meaning that maintenance will need to be performed to keep the base working as intended. All of these details are covered in much more depth in the stream below, so take a look.

State of Decay 2 and its improved base building mechanic will come to Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere title on May 22nd.

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