New Hybrid Screenshots and Details

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
As GDC 2011 marches on to its last day, the developers at 5th Cell have finally let members of the gaming media get their hands on Hybrid, their upcoming XBLA shooter.

One of the most interesting, dynamic shifts seems to be the control scheme. Movement is going to be dedicated to buttons on the controller, meaning gamers will have to choose their point of cover, then tap a button to send their character running to the cover point. Another interesting feature is the use of jetpacks and magnets, this allows gamers to find cover on walls and ceilings as well as jetpack from point-to-point (jetpacking utilizes a double-tap of the button instead of a single tap). This new movement scheme may seem odd, but (by all accounts) is easy to pick up and allows the right analog stick to be free to adjust the camera.

5th Cell's over-arching theme behind these tactics is to kill the circle-strafe move that's so popular in modern shooters. The tactics for Hybrid involve moving from cover to cover, popping out, firing, returning to cover, then moving on to repeat the process. In other words, gamers won't be able to grab the shotty, circle around enemies and hope for the best.

Hybrid is also set to include a Call of Duty-style progression system as well as kill-streak rewards, although full details on exactly what those will be is still in development.

5th Cell also released some screenshots to the public.

External image

External image

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IGN also snagged a brief trailer that shows some of the aforementioned gameplay features in action.

Finally, creative director Jeremiah Slackza continued to tease the "persistent online world" that was mentioned in our previous coverage, but evidently offered no new details.

In short, Hybrid is getting a lot of positive media buzz for its fresh control scheme, fast gameplay, and tactical evolution, making it something for gamers to keep an eye on in 2011.

Hybrid is currently set for release at some point later this year.
Jonathan Barnes
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