Rare Addresses Sea of Thieves' Launch Issues

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
These days, it's rare — no pun intended — to see a AAA game launch without a few major issues. Sea of Thieves launched on March 20th, and the developers at Rare have their hands full dealing with overloaded servers and other delightful challenges. The team has released a short video to discuss openly with players how they plan to deal with launch issues in the coming days.

If you can't catch the video, the five main problems discussed are:
  • Server overload during peak times
  • Delayed rewards (caused by overload)
  • Delayed achievements (caused by overload)
  • Temporarily missing items (bug)
  • Reported issues on Xbox One X
Players may be wondering how Sea of Thieves could have server overload with so many server stress tests and betas. According to Rare, there has been an unprecedented amount of players — even three or four times as many as the tests — especially when peak hours for multiple regions overlap. This is something the team has been addressing and also something that is being worked on behind-the-scenes without players needing to download updates.

The delayed rewards some players have been experiencing are directly related to the server load. With so many players receiving gold at the same time, a sort of virtual queue has been created as the server dishes out all the gold players have earned. Rare advises players to keep playing naturally if this happens because if they quit out and log back in, they're essentially getting out of their spot in line, the process will take longer, and the servers become even more stressed as so many people try to log out and back in.

Sea of Thieves 9

The problem with delayed achievements is the same as the delayed gold. According to Rare, the team intentionally disabled the earning of achievements in an effort to keep the servers from completely overloading. Rare says players will start unlocking these soon and that all progress toward achievements has been tracked even if players have not yet received them.

The fourth issue discussed, temporarily missing items, is a bug which will need a client-side update. Rare's ETA for the patch is "early next week." The Xbox One X performance problems in some areas, which is the fifth bullet point, will be in the same patch as the missing items fix, along with a bunch of other fixes that need to be fixed in the client.

Rare will continue to update players on their progress with these issues and other issues as they arise.

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