Deep Rock Galactic Gets Beards N' Drills

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
Ghost Ship Games' Xbox Game Preview title Deep Rock Galactic was released nearly a month ago, and the developer has been digging in to get bugs fixed and make some gameplay improvements. The latest patch combines updates 8 and 9 and is available now for download on both Xbox One and Windows 10. The appropriately named Beards N' Drills adds new beard options, tweaks to the Driller class, and lots of other fixes.

Beards N' Drills

The Vanity shop now has new beard and hair options. Once you've customised your character, you'll now be able to see the Dwarf in a variety of menus. Meanwhile, the developer was bitterly diappointed that their "most unique" class, The Driller, was not judged by players to be as useful as the other three classes, so they've made some tweaks to his Flamethrower and Drills.

Players were also disgruntled about the way the game handled mission failures. Now, players will receive a compensation payout of 25% of the minerals that were stored in Molly when the mission failed. A similar payout is also given to players who are Kicked from the team, because this now results in a Mission Failed scenario too. The amount of payout you get is based on the amount that was added to Molly after you joined the session.

There have also been other changes to players being kicked from the team, as well as more general changes. The full patch notes are below:

Mission End

  • Survival Bonus is doubled up from 75 credits to 150 credits pr surviving player
  • Mission Failed now gives a 25% compensation reward based on minerals collected

Co-op sessions

  • Getting kicked now results in Mission Failed, compensation based on contribution
  • Added a new flow and info for Kicking and getting Kicked
  • You can no longer Join a session after Drop Pod has been called
  • You can no longer Kick a player from a session after Drop Pod has been called
  • Tweaked text on Mission Map in regards to new public/ private flow
  • Add Private Server checkbox in escape menu
  • Added indicator for a joining player to team view

Solo mode

  • Bosco should now save you from the cave leeches more consistently
  • Bosco now also gets to play with the big lights. He goes woosh and then you can see a lot more than before :)
  • Bosco now has friendly fire reduction 0.2 instead of 1
  • Bosco Deals 100 % more damage (doubled from 3 to 6)
  • Bosco now gets a 250% speed boost when you order him around. Also increased his acceleration from 300 to 550

Class Balance: Buffed the Driller’s tools

  • Flamethrower Fuel capacity upped from 160 to 270 units, and each canister holds 90 instead of 80 units. That means the flamethrower now has fuel for three full reloads instead of two, and each reload holds more fuel.
  • Flamethrower Range upped from 8.5m to 10 m
  • Power Drills: Fuel upped from 30 to 35
  • Increased walk speed while drilling with 10 %
  • Melee damage with drills: Attack speed has been DOUBLED, while the damage of each attack has been lowered from 10 hp to 8 hp. (to compensate for double attack speed)
  • Upgrade Melee Drill damage: 5 hp to 4 hp (to compensate for double attack speed)

Sound, Effects & Animations

  • Added several new beards and hairs (we'll keep adding more of these)
  • Idle animations on Pistol and Revolver (also triggered by Reload on full ammo)
  • New reload for the Jury-rigged Boomstick
  • New soundFX (death splat sound, tutorial pop up sound, revive sound, maggot ..)
  • New reload for sawnoffshotgun
  • New Spitballer sound and Maggot sound
  • Changed the flamethrower smoke back to black... It was white, and it was a mistake.. Now it looks awesome again!
  • Added new dance move at the Jukebox


  • More cave shapes added to the random generator.
  • More randomness on existing cave shapes.
  • New sticky web environmental hazard. Don't get caught!


  • 18 languages added!
  • Updated community translator credits
  • Added missing characters for Polish language.
  • Some buttons with text did not correctly update after a new language was selected.
  • Updated all languages with latest from Crowdin community
  • Fixed some text in Space Rig not showing correct in Russian
  • Note: since we are also adding new text, you will keep seeing some part of the game in English

Misc Fixes

  • Vanity items would sometimes not be correctly displayed on the dwarves in the terminals.
  • Key '5' is now available for custom key bindings
  • Fix Late Join crash if joining right when the level ends.
  • Fixed: you can no longer edit the Hint text while loading!
  • Maptool not updating correctly when terrian changes
  • Fixed not getting memorial hall upgrade at player rank 5, 7 and 8
  • Fix Grappling hook intersects with poison clouds
  • Sentry gun fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed Mixer names on enemies being wrong if several people spawns enemies
  • Fix for push to talk
  • Fix spiders playing run animation while not-moving after being hit
  • Fixed various spelling errors and typos
  • Try to fix players are unmuted when someone else joins
  • Improved Crafting menu
  • Fixed Cabin Sign Text, more Crafting GFX improvement
  • Fix Supplypod leaves red squares when it goes down
  • Added Max FPS option
  • Added option to disable analytics
  • Added Keybindings to Options -> Control menu (yeah, it's 2018, and NOW we got key-bindings!)
  • Fix: Memorial Hall upgrade at Player Rank 5, 7 and 8
  • Fix: Grappling Hook intersects with poison clouds
  • Lots of crash fixes (thanks for the reports!)

Known issue

  • Disband Team can take a LONG time
For the future, the development team has gathered plenty of feedback from the players, team members and their partners. Right now, they're choosing which features to add to the game and in which order they'll be adding them, but a "greater and more comprehensive" road map has been promised for sometime over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Beards N' Drills is available now.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Deep Rock Galactic achievements.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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