Twitch Prime Users Can Get A Kooky Chocobo In Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

By Andy Mills, 9 months ago
If you're not familiar with the program, Twitch Prime provides additional benefits to users, much like parent company Amazon does with its Amazon Prime service. They may as well shut it all down now, however, as nothing's ever going to beat this one. Teaming up with Square Enix for the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV, Twitch will be providing its Prime users with... a "Kooky" chocobo (and 10,000 gil).

Twitch Prime chocobo in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

There seems to be no difference between this Kooky chocobo and your garden variety chocobo, besides this one being decked out in Twitch's recognisable purple and some googly eyes, which must be hard on the poor thing. You can see this special bird in action below.

If you ask me, they should have gone the whole hog — or chocobo, in this case — and have the song "Crazy Chocobo" from Final Fantasy XIII-2 playing whenever you ride the Kooky Chocobo.

Don't all rush at once as Twitch Prime members have from now until April 21st to redeem the Kooky Chocobo for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. The folks at Twitch have promised more rewards on the way for the game in the future, so be sure to look out for those.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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