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By Rebecca Smith,
The World Tour is the main online ranked mode in Top Spin 4. Players can bring their created players into the mode and aim for the number one spot in the rankings. You can earn XP, increase your tennis strategy levels, and unlock coaches within this game mode. There are two versions of the World Tour: one for male characters and one for female characters, as the rankings are not mixed.

The World Tour is based on one-week seasons and, each Monday at 0:00 GMT, a new season begins. At this time every week, leaderboards are reset (rankings are based on the amount of points users earned during the season) and the World Tour male and female champions are crowned. Note: In addition to the weekly seasons, a lifetime ranking is also stored and provides users with an overall yearly outlook of their created player. So stay focused on the deadline and try to earn as many points as you can before the end of each season.

As seen in the trailer, World Tour encompasses three different types of events: Sparring Partner Training, Quick Matches and Tournaments.


Each season, there are seven tournaments to play: four two-round major tournaments, two three-round master tournaments and one four-round Grand Slam. If you lose a match in a tournament, you can’t play in that tournament anymore because each tournament can only be played once per season; when a new season starts, new tournaments become available. Playing tournaments is the quickest way to earn a lot of XP points because these matches are worth the most amount of points.

Quick Matches

Quick Matches are mixed matches, and players can play as many Quick Matches as they want! However, as they are unlimited, the rewards for Quick Matches are smaller than for tournaments. Each match is one set of three games, so they are shorter than tournament matches.

Sparring Partner Training

Sparring Partner Training is a match against an AI player where players can choose their preferred play style and difficulty level. Special objectives will appear during these matches, and if you complete them in the allotted time, you earn bonus XP.

Top Spin 4 is due to be released on March 15th, 2011 in North America, and March 18th in Europe and Australia. Check out the demo for the game here.

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