Weekend Announcements March 23-25th: Gorogoa, Super Rad Raygun and Afterparty

By Rebecca Smith,
After the pre-GDC weekend bombarded us with the announcement of 25 new titles, the post-GDC weekend was relatively quiet in comparison. There are just three new titles to be revealed, one of which does not have any confirmed platforms, although the developer's last title appeared on Xbox One. There's a drinking competition with Satan, an unconventional adventure game, and a platformer that will take players back to the 80s. Which of these titles will you be watching?


Oxenfree developer Night School Studio has revealed their next project. Milo and Lola are two recently deceased college graduates, and they've landed in Hell. They want to find a way back to Earth rather than stay there, and the only way they'll ever be able to do that is if they "drink Satan under the table". As you'll see, Hell has an awful lot of neon as the duo bar hop their way around a network of underworld islands that are connected by the River Styx. There will be a variety of storylines from the underworld's hellions, and what happens by the end of the night is dependent on player decisions. The title will be arriving later this year, although platforms are unconfirmed.


Jason Roberts' upcoming adventure title is not what you would expect from the genre. Players begin with a series of images within a frame that's set in the centre of the screen. By swapping images around and zooming in on certain points, it's possible to put together a bigger picture and discover hidden connections between the objects that surround you. Use clues from those everyday objects and occurrences to point you in the direction of where you should go next and uncover the world's secrets. The title will be making its way to Xbox One in the future.

Super Rad Raygun

TRU FUN Entertainment's retro 2D platformer is an expanded version of the Xbox Live Indie Game Rad Raygun. Taking place in the year 198X, war with the Soviets is raging. It's up to Rad Raygun to travel the world and defeat the communist robots. The updated version of the game includes new enemies, locations, weapons, upgrades and an improved game engine, but still uses "ultra sharp 144p resolution graphics" and "4 unique shades of monochrome off-green" to bring the mobile technology of the 80s to life. The title will arrive on Xbox One during the latter part of this year.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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