Prison Architect Shows Off Escape Mode DLC

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Prison Architect puts players in charge of building and running their own maximum security prisons. Not only do you look after prisoners' welfares, the whole point is to make sure they don't escape. The upcoming "Escape Mode" DLC turns everything on its head and puts you in the role of a prisoner putting your own security measures to the test as they try to break out of the prison walls. The latest stream from publisher Double Eleven showcases some pre-alpha gameplay from the new DLC.

Prison Architect Psych Ward

Players will have a choice of escaping from prisons that they've created, some of the top community created prisons, or prisons that can be downloaded from the World of Wardens. In the footage, Game Designer Tom Pedalino and Community Associate Natalie Wicks attempt to escape from the Green Beach Prison community map. The pair play the mode for just over 30 minutes while they answer questions from the community.

"Escape Mode" is currently scheduled to arrive on consoles later this year and will be premium DLC, although a price has not been mentioned.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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