Gears of War 4 April 2018 Update Supports 2v2 Game Modes

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
With the end of March fast approaching, The Coalition has decided it was an appropriate time to release the April 2018 patch for Gears of War 4. The main highlight of the patch is the introduction of support for 2v2 game modes, meaning that the team can bring back some fan favourite modes from previous titles. There's also the latest list of upcoming events.

April update

As mentioned above, the support framework for 2v2 multiplayer game modes has now been introduced into the game. This means that the team is looking at introducing different special events, such as Brothers To The End, or 2v2 Gnasher fights on Raven Down. The first of these events will be launching at the end of April once the team has finished all of their testing. More news on these is promised for the future.

In the meantime, new events will be starting in game today, March 29th, beginning with Bunny Hunt. The event is a no melee Guardian mode, but the leader isn't Marcus decked out in gold armour. Instead, the leader has a giant bunny head where the ears can easily protrude from cover. All players start with Longshots and there are EMBAR pickups dotted around.

Bunny Hunt

Juvie Madness, the non-Christmas version of Jingle Juvies, is also returning. The event offers the chance to earn new Midnight Omen skins, but these won't be live until "later in the day on Thursday" to allow for the deployment of the update. If you haven't played the mode before, players face 25 waves of horde with drastically increased numbers of Juvies, weakened fortifications, and random enemy Boss Waves.

In terms of other skins, last year's Easter Egg skins return but are now available for all 14 weapons. All of the skins can be crafted using Scrap throughout the event, but once the event is over, they'll be gone again. There's also the return of Big Rig Dizzy, who's available in the latest limited edition Gear Packs. This time there will be two variants of the packs, one offering three cards for 400 Credits and another offering five cards for 2000 Credits. Like the Midnight Omen skins, Big Rig Dizzy won't be available until later on today.

The full patch notes are below, but the list isn't terribly long:

  • Added support for 2v2 Game Modes as future special events
  • Audio and Visual settings will no longer reset after quitting the game
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused Credit Totals to not add up correctly, or appear as zero, on the Reward screen
  • Fixed an issue causing Bounties to become unequipped after they are completed in Social
  • Spectator Mode: Camera now defaults to Battle Camera after each round
  • Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements
The latest patch will become available later today.

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