Killer Instinct Crimson Guardian Purchasable for a Limited Time

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
The Guardian Collector achievement is one of the rarest in Killer Instinct. To get the achievement, players must own one of each Guardian tier of the same type: Green, Blue, Purple, Gold and Crimson. Crimson Guardians are exceedingly rare, and the opportunity to directly purchase one only comes up once in a blue moon. Luckily, an opportunity is going on right now.

Killer Instinct

Of course, to earn the achievement, players will need to collect the other tiers, but the availability of the Crimson tier, which in this case is for the Crimson Exemplar, will knock out the hardest part of the achievement.

Killer InstinctGuardian CollectorThe Guardian Collector achievement in Killer Instinct worth 150 pointsCollect all tiers of one Guardian in Shadow Lords mode

The pack can be purchased in the Shadow Lords Emporium for a limited time for 1,250 KI Gold or 10,000 Astral Gems.

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