New WWE All Stars Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
WWE All Stars will include a character creation tool. Details have been fairly scarce on this feature, but the latest batch of screenshots included a sneak preview of the feature, and one of its resulting creations.

Character Creation

Created character

The rest of the screenshots show some of the legends and current wrestlers from the game's roster, starting with a triple threat and a fatal four-way:

Triple threat

Fatal four-way

Cage wrestling:
Snuka in the cage

Mysterio's cage toss

Special moves:
Stone Cold and Undertaker

Mysterio's alternative move

Michaels' elbow

Eddie's slingshot move

Click here for the full roster, which has recently been updated with all of the current information.

WWE All Stars is due for release on March 29th, 2011 in N America, March 31st in Australia, and April 1st in Europe.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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