Dangun Feveron Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the achievement list for Dangun Feveron, which is developed by Cave and published by M2.

The game is published as part of the ID@Xbox program.

The M2 ShotTriggers Shmup Renaissance continues!
In 1998, CAVE's shoot 'em up Dangun Feveron, also known as Fever SOS,
blasted into Japanese arcades like a shooting star.

Get in the groove with Dangun Feveron's old school style of refreshing and
simple vertical scrolling gameplay. This outstanding example of the high
speed "danmaku" bullet hell genre is back as the second installment in the
M2 ShotTriggers lineup, just as it approaches its 20th anniversary!
You can find guides to unlocking these achievements as soon as we have them on the Dangun Feveron Achievements page.
Dangun Feveron

There are 37 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Noooooooooooooo!! Miss a Cyborg. 10
Opening ceremony Start Stage 1 using a Bomber. 10
Arcade On Stage Start a game in Arcade Mode. 10
Dance Master Complete all Achievements. 100
Arcade Mode Clear Clear all Arcade Mode Stages. (Continues OK.) 80
Fever Mode Clear Clear all Fever Mode Stages. (Continues OK.) 80
Super Easy Mode Clear Clear all Super Easy Mode Stages. (Continues OK.) 80
Tea Time's Over Defeat Admiral Gratze. 80
Afro Beat the final Stage using Player 1 with the Type-A ship. 30
McCoy Beat the final Stage using Player 1 with the Type-B ship. 30
Stephanie Beat the final Stage using Player 1 with the Type-C ship. 30
Uotaro Beat the final Stage using Uotaro. 30
Poko Beat the final Stage using Poko. 30
999 Disco Fans! Save 999 Cyborgs in a single Stage using Player 1. 20
Beautiful 3 Minute Dance Beat Time Attack Mode without getting hit. 30
Speedy Speed Boy Beat the final Stage using Player 1 with their Ship speed at level 4. 20
Slowy Slow Boy Beat the final Stage using Player 1 with their Ship speed at level 1. 20
Fever 10 Millionaire Achieve a total score of over 10,000,000 as Player 1. 20
Don't Leave Me Alone. Beat Stage 1 without saving any Cyborgs as Player 1. 30
Super Easy Graduate Beat Super Easy Mode without getting hit as Player 1. 30
Gotcha! Acquire an Extend item. 20
DANCING BOMBER Beat Stage 1. 15
HELLO Mr.CYBORG Beat Stage 2. 15
BAROFEVER Beat Stage 3. 15
Uotaro's Makin' Money Start a game using Uotaro. 10
Poko is a Cutey, Honey Start a game using Poko. 10
Not If I Bomb You First...! Activate an Auto Bomber. 10
Fever Millionaire Achieve a total score of over 1,000,000 as Player 1. 20
Watch Out!! Get hit when a Boss's gauge was low. 10
Use Them Carefully... Acquire a Bomber when your stock of Bombers is full as Player 1. 10
Harvest Festival Destroy at least 30 hidden characters that appear on the surface in Time Attack Mode. 20
Cyborg Fever 7 Save exactly 777 Cyborgs when beating a Stage. 20
Use the Restart Feature Too! Input the forced Game Over code in Time Attack Mode. 10
Easy On Stage Start a game in Super Easy Mode. 10
Fever On Stage Start a game in Fever Mode. 10
Custom On Stage Start a game in Custom Mode. 10
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