Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
You've most likely seen at least one of the series of Carnival games that have come out for both the Wii and the DS. Now, thanks to Kinect, the series is heading onto the Xbox 360.

Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do (known as the less flamboyant Carnival Games: In Action! in Europe and Australia) includes twenty new games and attractions that "allow you to swing into the batting cage, avoid twisting tornadoes in Hot Air Balloon Race, and more". The game will use voice recognition technology to allow The Amazing Wodin, "a wily wizard", to advise you of your future.

Here is the latest trailer. Be warned, you might want to turn the sound off unless you want to be singing 'Cotton Eye Joe' for the next few hours.

Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do is due to be released in April 2011.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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