Weekend Announcements April 6-8th: Elea, The Spectrum Retreat and More

By Rebecca Smith,
PAX East took place over the weekend, and it gave a handful of developers and publishers the ideal opportunity to announce their upcoming titles. Of the seven new games that we have for you, five are definitely confirmed to be coming to Xbox One, whereas the other two are only confirmed for the more generic "consoles". Take a look and see which of these titles catches your eye.

Dark Devotion

Developer Hibernian Workshop has teamed up with publisher The Arcade Crew to bring their upcoming action RPG to consoles this year. Members of the Templars gain salvation through making sacrifices, and no sacrifice is considered too large for their God. Players are on a journey of suffering, redemption and, ultimately, salvation as they fight to the death across four unique worlds. Die and your soul will be damned forever. The game's prayers, blessings and curses system allows for players to approach each enemy in several different ways, while different weapons allow for different playstyles.


Kyodai's "episodic sci-fi storytelling adventure" has been picked up by publisher SOEDESCO with the aim of helping the title to arrive on Xbox One this summer. The year is 2086 and the titular character is a space scientist who's looking for her husband, Ethan. He went missing 13 years ago when his spaceship Pilgrimage was sent to colonize an earth-like exoplanet, but when they reached the planet, communications went dead. With Earth still in the grip of a horrid childhood mutation disease that also affected their son, Elea joins the crew of a research starship, RSS Recovery, as they attempt to find out what went wrong.

Gift of Parthax

Publisher 1C Company revealed their entire PAX East lineup, and in amongst it was Ablaze Interactive's "2D top-down arena fighter". Players assume the role of Arif, a mage who must save his friend by defeating all of the enemies in Atixa's grand arena. To do this, he'll need the Gift of Parthax. Using a range of spells, he'll be able to vanquish waves of enemies and bosses. The title is coming to Xbox One in Q3 2018.

Infinite Adventures

Stormseeker Games' "dungeon crawling RPG" takes inspiration from dungeon CRPGs of the past, but adds new exploration, turn-based combat and progression mechanics. Players assume the role of the Traveler, a hero with amnesia. To discover who he truly is, he'll need to gather together a party and explore the depths of the procedurally generated Infinite Labyrinth to find the answers. The title is coming to Xbox One later this year.

The Spectrum Retreat

Dan Smith has teamed up with publisher Ripstone Games to bring his first-person narrative puzzler to Xbox One later this year. The game takes place in the near future. The art deco Penrose hotel offers residents a peaceful refuge from the outside. You're a valued guest and your presence is very welcome, but the Penrose has mysteries that makes your current stay a little unsettling. Solve colour coded puzzles and physics challenges to find out what the hotel is about, and why you're staying there in the first place.

Tyr: Chains of Valhalla

Ennui Studio's upcoming title isn't a run and gun game, it's a "Jump & Shoot" title inspired by Norse mythology that adds a cyberpunk perspective. Focusing on the Ragnarök, their technological world is run by mega-corporations such as Yggdrasil, and features many different Mechas. Professor Oswald Din has created Tyr, whose sole mission is to stop Lemuz Oki and his troop of Vikings and Mechas from seizing the biggest technology company and then the world. After successfully funding their title on Kickstarter, the game is due to be released on Xbox One later this year.


Deck13 took the opportunity to rebrand their publishing arm as Deck13 Spotlight, as well as revealing their "cooldown-based Viking strategy game" for consoles. Players take part in a variety of small adventures based on Norse mythology. While the game includes the strategy expected from turn-based titles, the title instead focuses on a range of features that slow down and cool down gameplay so that players have room to make decisions to the best of their ability, such as Slow Time that allows players to control the speed of battles. Different figures can be collected and levelled up, while armour, weapons, and combat abilities can be customised. The title will arrive this summer.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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