Two More Species Profiles For Jurassic World Evolution

By Andy Mills, 8 months ago
March was certainly a busy month for Frontier Developments and their upcoming dinosaur park management sim Jurassic World Evolution. While there were still a few of our favourite regularly scheduled dinosaur profiles, they were understandably in the background last month what with the return of Jeff Goldblum, the first in-depth look at gameplay and the game's release date. For April, these dinosaur profiles return to the forefront and we've got a couple for you to enjoy.


The first of the two is the Pachycephalosaurus, who we've seen butting heads before.

The other is the Metriacanthosaurus that, according to the video at least, means "moderately spined lizard". A bit less impressive when you think about it that way, to be honest.

Jurassic World Evolution stomps onto Xbox One on June 12th.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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