Skyforge Update Adds the Grovewalker Class

By Kelly Packard,
Last month, Skyforge players learned of the "Overgrowth" expansion, a free update for the MMO. The update is live now and has introduced the new Grovewalker class, a challenge system, a new difficulty and one additional Xbox Live achievement.

Grovewalkers, the class added with the update, are a "hybrid class," able to function effectively as spell-casting mages or as frontline tanks. In caster form, Grovewalkers "wield a legendary staff to safeguard its allies, draining the life force from its opponents while dealing surprising amounts of damage." If needed, the class can transform into its "Living Armor," which the developer promises is "a sight to behold."

Aside from the new class, the update added a challenges tab. The tab will show players all their completed tasks and suggest new ones. As updates continue to release, the challenges will get "more unique." Players can compare challenge points with their friends and assign titles earned by completing challenges. "Overgrowth" also added a new difficulty, called nightmare.

The update also came with one new achievement, Defender of Tessa, worth 10 gamerscore. Complete all the upgrades in the Grovewalker Temple to earn it:

SkyforgeDefender of TessaThe Defender of Tessa achievement in Skyforge worth 113 pointsComplete all upgrades in the Grovewalker Temple.

The "Overgrowth" update is available to download now for Skyforge.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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