EGX Rezzed 2018: ONRUSH Debuts New Gameplay Footage

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
The latest racing title from Codemasters is heading away from their usual fare of DiRT and F1. ONRUSH is an arcade racer that pits two teams of racers against each other in a variety of vehicles across eight classes. The title aims to capture speed, ridiculous action and, most importantly, fun for everybody who plays. Whether you're more concerned about finding the perfect racing line and hitting checkpoints to add time to your team's clock, taking down other players in spectacular fashion, or performing insane stunts, there's something here for everyone from experienced racers to casual players.


Players are dropped into the race at 100mph through the game's Stampede System, which continues to keep players close to the action. Whether respawning after being wrecked, or falling too far behind, the system makes sure that you are right in the middle of the race. As well as the 12 players, there are AI fodder vehicles joining in to bring the total number of vehicles on the track to 24, so things do often feel chaotic. Performing stunts, near misses and takedowns will earn players boost, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Earn enough boost and you'll get a ten-second Rush, the type of which is tied to the vehicle class. The best bit? If there are vehicles in front of you while using Rush, you can just plough through them.

The mode available at the show, Countdown, saw players racing through checkpoints to add time to their team's countdown clock. The benefits of team racing are that everybody has a part to play; as the checkpoints remain in place after the first racer has passed through them, even the team members at the back of the pack can add time to the clock. Races are far from a foregone conclusion, with the losing team able to cut down their opponents' lead of a few seconds with surprising speed.

Paul Rustchynsky, Codemasters' Game Director, took to the stage today to showcase how the game progressed from an early and very basic prototype to the stage at which it is now. He also details the different types of the game's titular Rush, the game's campaign, and the four different multiplayer game modes, the latter of which were all briefly demonstrated on stage. At the end of the presentation are some audience questions too.

If you're after a glance at more gameplay, including new tracks and new environments, check out yesterday's livestream too:

If you're not able to get down to EGX Rezzed over the weekend, you'll still be able to try the game before its release thanks to the open beta currently scheduled for next month. More details will be released on this soon. If you'd rather wait for the finished product, the game will be releasing on June 5th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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