Konami Shows A Little Of Master Chief In Latest Super Bomberman R Trailer

By Andy Mills, 5 months ago
Initially an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, when Konami announced that SUPER BOMBERMAN R would be making its way to other platforms, they announced that each version would have its own unique character. For the Xbox version, we naturally got Xbox's most recognisable character: Master Chief. In this latest trailer for the party title, we see the first look of everyone's favourite Spartan in the game itself.

Master Chief in Super Bomberman R

Despite the title focusing on the exclusive character, we actually just get a short glimpse of the Chief in action, with more time given to notable characters from Konami's own history, as well as walking through many of the game's features.

Perhaps we'll see Master Chief in some more super bombing action by the time Super Bomberman R launches on Xbox One on June 12th in the Americas and globally on June 14th.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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