Sea of Thieves Upcoming Content Plans

By Lucy Wood,
The 26th Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story video from Rare outlines plans for new content being added to the game in the coming months, starting in May with "The Hungering Deep".

Another two Sea of Thieves content updates — "Cursed Sails" and "Forsaken Shores" — have been confirmed for the summer, with three as-yet-unnamed updates scheduled for later in the year. A weekly events programme will also commence in May, adding new mechanics and fun ways to earn weekly rewards.

"The Hungering Deep" will add a new AI threat which players must defeat to earn special rewards. "Cursed Sails" will introduce a new ship type, and "Forsaken Shores" will add a perilous new region for pirates to plunder.

Sea of Thieves

Rare has confirmed that all Sea of Thieves players will be able to access content updates at no extra charge.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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