The Best Xbox Fighting Games Available in 2018

By Mark Delaney,
Fighting games can be among the most intimidating of genres. To be the best in such games, it feels like the hill one must climb is especially steep. These days, fans of fighters have a wealth of options from which to choose. Some align themselves with one particular franchise while others try out or even excel in a range of properties. Nearly all of the great franchises in genre history have had recent successes, and a few new challengers have made strong impressions too. Here are our suggestions for the best fighting games available on Xbox One. Round one . . . fight!

Injustice 2


NetherRealm has completely knocked it out of the park with Injustice 2 once again. Presenting us with a fighting title that sheds a new perspective on the world of DC is an idea that continues to be executed brilliantly. The game's story mode is highly enjoyable, and the superb animations and performances help to elevate it to movie-like quality. Gameplay is as slick as ever, and every available mode is rather addictive in nature. For the more casual player who has come for a story and few brawls, repetition has the potential to creep up on them so a variety in content wouldn't have gone amiss, but NetherRealm has still managed to utilise what's on offer to great effect. The gear system is an ingenious one, so you'll more than likely want to keep coming back for more so that every fighter is covered in shiny, epic gear. NetherRealm continues to show us that they really are the king of western fighting games with Injustice 2.

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Mortal Kombat X

Screenshot 2

Mortal Kombat X excels in the field of gory action, gruesome sound effects, gameplay mechanics, the Tower mode and building up the alternate timeline's universe. Fans of the series and players just picking up the game can enjoy dismembering one another. However, it also has its downsides which include lengthy expositions on characters' histories during cutscenes, unnecessary QTEs, redundant online match types, lagging online matches, and a short storyline which all coalesce into making the tenth installment miss out on becoming an exceptional title for the new generation of gaming.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fitting entrance into the 2D fighting world for the franchise. Combat looks brilliant as you pummel the enemy and watch the vibrant colours fly across the screen, and both casual players and veterans alike will easily get their fill from the accessible controls. The substantial story is also a breath of fresh air, so there is plenty to see and do there. If you aren't willing to use the rest of your time online, however, then you may be wondering where to go next. Regardless, whether you're a Dragon Ball fan or fighting game fan, this a game that will easily satiate your appetite for a long time.

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Tekken 7

Tekken 7

While Tekken 7 has a few problems, the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. It's a series known not for its highly engaging story, but rather its vibrant and colourful, yet complex gameplay. With the addition of Rage Arts, fights look even better and feel fluid in the process. Witnessing this in all modes, especially the online tournaments, is a treat and hitting the Gallery for some nostalgic downtime stops the gameplay from becoming too stale. We may be missing a few of the series' beloved characters and load times may hinder it slightly, but one thing is certain — Tekken is still an addictive fighting franchise that definitely deserves its place in 2017.

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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct Kan-Ra Character

When Killer Instinct launched early with the Xbox One, fans went wild. Unlike other games on this list, Killer Instinct had been missing for a good while, so it felt like a real moment, a long-awaited return. Since then, the game has been supported by numerous updates adding fighters and events quite regularly. Its even had its once brutal achievement list toned down a bit to seem more reasonable. It's also free to play, so if you're just getting into the genre and maybe aren't sure if it's for you, Killer Instinct is perhaps the most attractive starting point.

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ONE PIECE: Burning Blood

Shanks 3

One Piece: Burning Blood is enjoyable even for those unfamiliar with the anime, but the game is at its best for those who already have some knowledge of the story's events. Some of the fights are brutal, making it increasingly difficult to progress the story, especially if the player isn't proficient at fighters and making combos. There are also some balancing issues that can make fights more difficult than they should be. Outside of the campaign, other modes add a nice variety of gameplay, and players can fight alone or with a friend both locally and online. Overall, this is a fun title but is not a completion for the faint at heart.

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For something totally different than the rest of the games on this list, you can't go wrong with UFC 3. EA has had the brand licensing for years now and has put them out on an every other year schedule. Like other sports games, the newest one tends to be the best, but this is really a sweet spot for UFC because it's just a few entries into its span as an EA Sports property so things still feel fresh and the studio behind the series is still learning new things and adapting with the community. It's not a 2D fighter, as should be obvious, so if you're only here for those, you could've skipped this last one, but for fans of MMA, UFC 3 is the best you can get on the subject.

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