Weekend Announcements April 20-22nd: MXGP Pro, Rival Megagun and More

By Rebecca Smith, 11 months ago
After the deluge of new titles that were at last weekend's EGX Rezzed, this weekend seems relatively quiet in comparison. Despite this, there are still six titles that need to be introduced. Most of them are confirmed to be heading to Xbox One in the future with the exception of one that is only confirmed for "consoles". Take a look and see which of these titles catches your eye.

Coffee Crisis

Mega Cat Studios' arcade-style beat 'em up is inspired by 16-bit brawlers and 90s classic arcade titles, so much so that their upcoming game was originally released as a Mega Drive cartridge. Now coming to Xbox One, one or two players must assume the role of Black Forge Coffeehouse baristas Nick and Ashley as they stop the Smurglian race from stealing Earth's most precious commodities: metal music, cat videos, the best coffee, and all wi-fi. Extra to the Xbox One version will be Twitch/Mixer integration, a new soundtrack, achievements, and the Death Metal Combat mode, where "lights turn ‘disco’, the enemies spawn erratically, cheat codes don’t work, and random modifiers unexpectedly hurt/help/distort the player". The title will be arriving in May or June.

Maximum Football 2018

The developer behind Canadian Football 2017 is back with their latest instalment, but instead of just changing the year at the end of game's name, they're bringing back one of their franchises from 2005. Compared to their last title, the game will include new player models, a new user interface design, improved stadium visuals, and a series of new features. There will be the ability to customise teams, rosters, players and depth charts, and a new instant replay system. There will also be a variety of improved gameplay mechanics, as well as new teams. The title will appear on Xbox One in the future.


Milestone has refined the gameplay experience and physics of their MXGP franchise in this upcoming instalment. There's a new bike system where players will be able to customise their bikes based on real metrics. The team has taken a "real physics" approach that allows unlimited movements, and reworked grips, collisions and in-air behaviour. Finally, rider movements will be more in sync with the bike. The new title will arrive on Xbox One on June 29th for £49.99 or regional equivalent.


The developer of Serial Cleaner is back with a new "3D dark action" title with a top-down perspective. Inspired by the Weird West genre, players assume the role of a bounty hunter who must escort an eccentric girl back to her home. What seems like a simple mission turns into an endless journey through grotesque locations filled with unearthly monsters. Players will rely on a variety of weapons, traps, potions, ammunition and barricades to stay alive, all of which must be created from materials scavenged along the way. Is the girl his way out of this situation, or is she the entire reason he's in this mess? You'll find out when the game is released on consoles in the future.

Rival Megagun

Spacewave Software's upcoming title is a "competitive split-screen vertical shmup" for two players in local play or online. To get the edge over your opponent, you can change into a gigantic boss ship, the Mega Gunship, and invade your opponent's screen. Chain kills together to build up towards more devastating attacks. There will be a choice of multiple heroes, each of which has their own special weapons and Mega Gunship form. Those who don't want to take on another player will be able to make use of the single player arcade mode to practice their skills. The title will be coming to Xbox One in Q4 2018.

Super Hyperactive Ninja

Grimorio of Games' upcoming platformer is aimed at speedrunners and/or those after a "real tough challenge". Players have to recover the stolen coffee before they fall asleep. Drinking the coffee allows you to enter Hyperactive Mode — here, you can run faster and kill enemies, but this energy is limited and must be recharged as you find more coffee. Run out of coffee and the game is over. The title will be coming to Xbox One in the future.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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