Discord Account Syncing Coming Soon to Xbox Users

By Kelly Packard,
Aside from Spotify, for which an Xbox One app finally launched last August, Discord has to be the most-requested app for Xbox One. The popular PC chat program connects millions of users every day and has gaming-oriented features like being able to see what games friends are playing. Microsoft has announced players will soon be able to connect their Discord and Xbox Live accounts.

Xbox - Discord

For players who have linked their Xbox Live and Discord accounts, their Discord friends will be able to see what games they are playing on Xbox, just like how PC users can see what games their PC friends are playing while logged into Discord. The option is toggleable in case a player prefers not to share this information. When the feature becomes available, Discord accounts can be linked from Xbox One in the same place Twitter and Facebook accounts are. An Xbox account can also be linked from the Discord PC app.

Unfortunately, this new partnership doesn't grant players' biggest wish: being able to voice chat over Discord with friends on other platforms, but the new integration between Microsoft and Discord could perhaps be the first step in Xbox One getting a full Discord app in the future.

Discord account linking will be available to Xbox Insider testers soon before becoming available for everyone on Xbox Live.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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