Kinect: The Fastest Selling Electronic Device Ever

By zigs00, 7 years ago
For all the criticisms you can level at Microsoft's Kinect, the one thing you can't dispute is how impressively it has sold; since its release in November, over ten million sensors have been sold worldwide.

In the first sixty days since its release, it sold eight million units, which is an average of 133,333 Kinects sold per day. Those figures are so staggering in fact that it has been certified in the Guinness Book of Records as the "Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device" of all time!

The previous record holders were the original iPhone, followed by the iPad. So Microsoft are no doubt incredibly pleased that they've knocked their biggest rival of the throne...

Not only that, but Microsoft have also announced that more than ten million standalone Kinect games have been sold globally.

Considering that the Xbox 360 itself has sold over 50 million units worldwide (as of December 2010), that means that one in five Xbox users has purchased a Kinect sensor, which is just another outstanding, almost unbelievable statistic.

Okay, so the games released for it thus far have been lacklustre and disappointing for the most part, but there's some hopes on the horizon: Codename D, Project Draco, The Gunstringer, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster and Forza 4, to name a few.

And think of it this way: now that developers and publishers have seen how successful Kinect has been and how large its userbase now is, they'll start taking it seriously. Sure, it might be a bit gimmicky, but it's very impressive technology that over ten million gamers now own. The potential is endless, and it's easy to imagine a lot of top companies now planning to develop a Kinect game...