Super Lucky's Tale Guardian Trials DLC Released

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
New DLC has been released for Super Lucky's Tale. Developer Playful Corp describes "Guardian Trials" as "an ‘80s retro-themed boot camp adventure." In the new content, Lucky's big sister Lyra has encouraged him to train to become a true Guardian.

The DLC promises players will "meet zany characters, best classic platforming challenges, defeat souped-up bosses, solve perplexing puzzles and earn your right to stand with Lyra as an official Guardian of the Book of Ages." In addition, the DLC contains new costumes for Lucky to wear.

"Guardian Trials" also added 17 achievements worth a total of 500 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
The Reflex Complete all Skill Levels 40
Whacks On Complete all Combat Levels 40
Master the Labyrinth Complete all Marble Levels in the Foxington Hub 40
Guardian of Guardians Defeat all of the Levels in Foxington 75
Radio Start Interact with all 5 radios in the Foxington HUB 15
Pixel Rider Never get caught in a single run through of Under Pressure 20
I've Sunken, and I Can't Get Up Defeat all of the enemies in Top That! 30
Zestfully Clean Take a shower in Foxington HUB 10
I Pity the Bee Have a Buzzkill kill a fellow Buzzkill 15
Foxamania Take no damage in the WriggleMania 50
Sharp Dressed Fox Equip your First costume 20
I Dressed Myself Today! Equip a mix matched costume 20
The Price is Right Purchase all of the costumes from Sky Castle, Veggie Village, Holiday Canyon, and Spookington 50
Diamond Dog Find all 4 diamonds in A Road to Nowhere 20
Did I Do That? Die in the Foxington Hub 15
Too Close for Comfort Collect all of the collectibles during the cross ladder section of Step by Step 20
Fox in the Roadhouse Defeat WriggleMania while wearing the Maxi-Mullet 20

"Guardian Trials" is available for Super Lucky's Tale now for US$4.99 or regional equivalent, and it can be purchased through the button below.

Purchase Super Lucky's Tale - Guardian Trials Add On

We've got the full list of Super Lucky's Tale achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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