PixARK Explorer’s Guides Introduce PixBlocks, Thunder Magic and Cyclops

By Rebecca Smith,
Before its release into Xbox Game Preview at the end of March, developer Snail Games began a series of Explorer's Guides videos to introduce players to different aspects of PixARK. We've seen taming creatures, quests, building, mining tools, and the first part of the creatures guide, so quite a range of subjects have been covered so far. Today, we add three more to the list: PixBlocks, thunder magic, and Cyclops.


The first video instructs players on how to convert animals into PixBlocks so they can be stored in your inventory. However, bear in mind that the heavy weight of the creatures can leave you encumbered even if your inventory isn't full. Alternatively, you can store the animal PixBlocks in a storage container at your base.

The next video looks at thunder magic. The stones that contain thunder magic can be found on certain magic creatures upon their death, or in magic stone blocks. These stones can be converted to essence on an alchemy stove, which is then added to your wand as ammo. In a basic wand, thunder magic emits balls of energy that can kill smaller enemies but would take a while to defeat larger foes. In the master wand, however, it calls forth a much more powerful bolt of lightning capable of destroying bigger creatures. There are also thunder domes that can be placed in your base to automatically protect it from enemies.

Finally, we have a guide to the Cyclops, who roams the Doom Lands and the desert areas on the odd occasion. The creature can be tamed but it will take a lot of sleepy arrows to do so.

As mentioned before, PixARK is currently available in Xbox Game Preview where you can see all of the features in the videos above. If you'd rather wait for the finished version of the game, I'm afraid it doesn't currently have a release window.

We've got the full list of PixARK achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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