Warframe Update Beasts of the Sanctuary Available Now

By Ashley Woodcock,
A new update has been released for Warframe, the heavily supported ID@Xbox title from developer Digital Extremes. We learned of the "Beasts of the Sanctuary" update last month with key details and screens, and then we also had a look at a short trailer showcasing Khora, the newest Warframe in the game. While you're downloading the update, catch up on a few more details while you wait.

Warframe Beasts of the Sanctuary screen 11

Sanctuary Onslaught will challenge players to work together as they do their best to stay alive against never-ending waves of Warframe enemies who will be doing their best to stop players escaping through the next portal. The aim of the game here will be to survive and make quick work of the enemies, and then move on to the next uniquely crafted environment via random portals. Once you reach the next area, you'll need to do the same thing again all while working against the clock.

The developer provided more insight on Khora as well as the Sanctuary Onslaught mode:

The stylistically armor-clad Khora offers a versatile combination of offensive and defensive capabilities starting with a metallic whip that strikes from a distance and follows up with a metallic Kavat (cat pet) that quickly engulfs enemies in a whirlwind of pain. The new Sanctuary Onslaught mode, where Khora can be found, enables solo players, or a squad of up to four, to quickly dash through timed portals while blasting waves of increasingly powerful enemies. Both Khora and Sanctuary Onslaught together offer fresh new ways for Tenno to harness Warframe’s cooperative chaos, and both are free with the Beasts of the Sanctuary.
A free time-limited event is also currently live as players can take part in the "Plague Star Event", which will run until Tuesday, May 22nd.

The latest update for Warframe is available to dive into right now.

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