Roblox Receives Treasure Hunt Simulator Mode

By Kelly Packard,
There's a Roblox mode for just about anything. The latest to be added to the Xbox One version is Treasure Hunt Simulator, which was created by popular Roblox developer HenryDev. Before making its Xbox debut this week, Treasure Hunt Simulator was downloaded millions of times since its January launch on PC.

The mode lives up to its name, and players can dig for buried treasure. After starting with a humble bucket to dig through the sand, players can begin to upgrade their equipment to metal detectors, dynamite and C4. With better equipment, deeper digging is made possible, and treasures found deeper underground will be more valuable.

For the Xbox One version, HenryDev added "a simple controls menu, controller support, and icons for tools," so the mode should feel natural to the new platform.

Treasure Hunt Simulator is available for the Xbox One version of Roblox now.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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