TA Playlist Game for June 2018 Announced

By Mark Delaney,
Just as Microsoft is unveiling their next slate of projects at E3, we'll be deep-diving into one of their past on-stage reveals in Remedy's 2016 spacetime shooter, Quantum Break. The Microsoft exclusive beat out three other science fiction titles to earn the right of the TA Playlist spotlight all throughout June. You're invited to freeze whatever else you've got planned and join us in disrupting the spacetime continuum.

Quantum Break

The third-person shooter makes a great candidate for a month of discussion capped off with our TA Playlist Podcast for several reasons, chiefly perhaps because of its mixed media approach that combines a shooter with a gameplay hook in traditional Remedy style and a series of live-action episodes that break up each chapter. It's also the second game from the story-driven studio to be featured in TA Playlist after we kicked off the event over a year ago with Alan Wake. Here's the final tally from the last week of votes.


How the live-action portion holds up, what we think of the casting decisions, and how well it all comes together as an important Microsoft brand exclusive and third-person shooter will be some of our talking points. Join us for that and much more starting on June 1st. In the meantime, there's still a few days remaining in May, which means we're still focused entirely on Alice: Madness Returns.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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