Weekend Announcements May 18-20th: RIDE 3, Bossgard, Speed Brawl, and Crayola

By Rebecca Smith,
It's another quiet weekend, but then we're just three weeks away from E3. Of the four titles we have for you today, all are confirmed for Xbox One. There's a twin stick brawler where you can be the boss, the latest in the RIDE franchise, an anime inspired brawler, and a Crayola title. The list is below; see if there's something that attracts your attention.


In this twin-stick arena fighter, players have two choices. They can either be one of a variety of unique and bizarre bosses, such as a slice of bread or a fortress, or they can be one of a team of vikings tasked with bringing them down. When you combine the above scenario with a range of wacky arenas, each with their own themed traps, this is a game that doesn't take itself too seriously and one that is best summed up with the trailer below. Sand Sailor Studio will be bringing the title to Xbox One in the future.

Crayola Title

Outright Games is making it their mission to bring a range of kids' franchises to the Xbox One. Ben 10 arrived in November, then new Adventure Time and Hotel Transylvania titles will arrive this summer, followed by Paw Patrol in September. After that comes a new license: Crayola. Details on the new title are extremely scarce beyond the licensing agreement, but what we do know is it will hit Xbox One this fall.



The latest in Milestone's RIDE franchise focuses on realism, customisation and a better variety of content thanks to a new game engine: Unreal Engine 4. The tracks and events will include GPs, Supermototracks, Country and City circuits, Road Races, and Drag Races. There will be more than 230 bikes, over 500 customisable bike parts, a revised career, better AI, better physics and improved collision systems. The game will be arriving on Xbox One on November 8th.

Speed Brawl

Inspired by the humour and over-the-top action from more than three decades of cult classic cinema, Double Stallion's "anime-inspired 2D combat-racer" drops players into an "all-out bloodsport". Across several dystopian London locations, players need to maintain momentum to avoid falling victim to the arena's physics-based contraptions, all while managing their energy to perform special moves and defeat brutes, aliens and bosses. You'll be able to upgrade and customise the fighter tag teams with new equipment and new/improved skills. The title will arrive on Xbox One this summer.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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