Test Drive Unlimited 2 Patch Delayed

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Most of you had probably noticed that the patch for Test Drive Unlimited 2 hadn't appeared at its intended release time of 9am GMT today. Unfortunately, the patch hit some technical issues, and the new release time is scheduled for 9am GMT / 1am PT tomorrow (March 15th), according to an updated forum post from Atari's community lead GMDestra.

In a further note, clubs will also not be enabled immediately after the patch goes live:

As a heads-up, Clubs will not go live immediately with the patch. Club functionality is "fixed" in the patch, but in order to make sure things are 100%,we are going to perform some internal testing on the live service before enabling Clubs for everyone.

As I said previously, the patch may take time to filter through the different LIVE regions, so be patient if the patch is not available for download at exactly 9am GMT / 1am PT. If there are further delays, we will let you know as soon as we have further information.

A date has still not been announced for the free DLC that is being released as a way of thanking fans for their support. Again, we will update you when we receive these details.
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