UNO & Friends Servers Close Next Month

By Rebecca Smith,
Licensing deals have their positives and their negatives. On the positive side, gamers get access to games that include their favourite brands, characters or music. On the negative side, when those licenses run out, the games that include that content either have to be delisted completely or altered to remove that content. UNO & Friends on both Windows Phone and Windows 8 is the latest game to face this problem. Due to the imminent expiration of their license with Mattel, the game's servers are closing at the end of next month.

Screenshot 8/21/13

The game's servers will close on June 30th, 2018. As players must be connected to the servers to earn the game's achievements, this will render all 20 of the achievements as discontinued. Before this, though, in-app purchases will be disabled tomorrow, May 30th. Players who have already purchased content will be able to use it until the servers close for good.

As a thank you to their loyal players, developer Gameloft is offering free premium content in another of their titles: Disney Magic Kingdoms. All new players to the game will get Pluto’s House for free. However, bear in mind this title is not Xbox Live enabled, therefore it doesn't have any achievements.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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