New Mass Effect 2 DLC Screenshot [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago

Evidently, gamers have hit the prescribed goals that Bioware set for their social media challenge, because they have released ANOTHER screenshot for the upcoming "Arrival" DLC for Mass Effect 2 on their Facebook page.

External image

The accompanying text with the upload reads as follows:

Thanks to your support, we have Arrived at our goal! As a token of gratitude, I'm releasing another screenshot. Will there be another one Arriving tomorrow? That's up to you. 750,000 impressions is the goal!
No word came via their Twitter feed, so gamers can only assume that the force is stronger with the Facebook side.


While most RPG fans are still knee deep in the city of Kirkwall with Dragon Age II, Bioware wants to remind its fans that they have another, rather big, RPG franchise.

Earlier today, Bioware released a screenshot for their upcoming "Arrival" DLC for Mass Effect 2 via their Twitter feed.

Here is said screenshot:

External image

While one screenshot is barely enough to whet gamers' appetites, Bioware was kind enough to offer more, but there is, of course, a catch.

For Shepard enthusiasts to see the next screenshot of DLC juiciness, Bioware is asking... nee' demanding to have the image retweeted 1,000 times or get 750,000 Facebook impressions.

Such news should come as no surprise to Bioware devotees who have been following all of Dragon Age II's social media unlockables.

There is no further information on the arrival of "Arrival".
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