TA Playlist Podcast Episode 14 - Alice: Madness Returns

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
Over the last month we jumped on mushrooms, fought anthropomorphic tea kettles, and sought guidance from a talking cat. No, we weren't tripping out of our minds. We were spending a few weeks in Wonderland. As May has now passed, it's time to say goodbye to Alice: Madness Returns as our featured TA Playlist game.


On this episode, Sam and Mark each have plenty of praise for American McGee's dark vision of the classic story, as did the community for the most part, but none of us are without some criticisms as well, namely for the over-the-top criminal record of the game's central villain. With player feedback, stats, and a deep dive about what the future may hold for McGee's Alice universe, we hope you'll join us down the rabbit hole.

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With Alice temporarily having found some semblance of sanity, all focus now moves to this month's game, Quantum Break. We'll see you in the Playlist Hub! Or maybe we already did! Time travel joke.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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