Weekend Announcements June 1st-3rd: 198X, Night & Day, Omega Strike, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Next weekend, we're preparing for all hell to let loose during the biggest gaming event of the year in Los Angeles. E3 will bring along big name announcements, as well as plenty of smaller ones. This last weekend was the final chance for developers and publishers to get in before the deluge, and six of them chose to do so. Of the following six titles, five have been confirmed for Xbox One while the sixth is coming to the infamous "console". The list is below; see if there's something that peaks your interest.


Not to be confused with last week's 20XX, Hi-Bit Studios' title is a coming-of-age story that players experience through multiple arcade games and genres. Players follow the story of Kid, a teenager struggling with the limitations of childhood and his new responsibilities as he becomes an adult. He discovers his local arcade in the area of Suburbia, located just outside the City. The games within introduce him to new worlds and meanings. With every game he perfects, he grows stronger, and reality and the games start to blur into one another. The title will be arriving on Xbox One in March 2019.

Battle Knights

This is one of those titles that gets very little fanfare in the lead up to release and is instead revealed via a listing on the Microsoft Store. Mire Studios' "easy to play yet challenging platformer" puts players in the role of Wonder, the blue knight who is tasked with travelling to each of the six realms, defeating the knight within, and reuniting the land. As well as the campaign mode, the versus modes pit up to six local players against each other in teams or in a free for all where the last man or team standing wins. The title is coming to Xbox One on June 22nd.

Heroes Trials

Shinyuden's upcoming title is described as a "dynamic and fast-paced adventure game". Players need to prove to the principal of the Heroes Academy that they can be the champion and defender of their homeland. To do this, they must conquer 13 trials before time runs out and their rivals reach the Tower of Akron before they do. Fail and they'll remain a trainee forever. For those who aren't completely keen on speedrunning, there's an island to explore, puzzles to fight, boss encounters "with a strategy twist", and secret items to find. Switch between sword fighting and magic to form the best strategy to triumph. The title is coming to Xbox One in the future.

Night & Day

Ikigai Gameworks' upcoming "adventure runner" promises a "devilish difficulty" to please speedrunners and those looking for a challenge. Colwyn and Lyssa are cursed to always be together yet be eternally seperated along two different paths through the world of Celuria. Players need to simultaneously control both characters as they change lanes, use shortcuts, jump, and dash their way to find the red witch and potentially a cure for the curse. The title will be coming to Xbox One in spring 2019.

Omega Strike

The next title that publisher Digerati has announced to be arriving on consoles is Woblyware's 2D Metroidvania platformer. Doctor Omega has created a series of mutant armies, and with their help, he's heading towards world domination. Only three freedom fighters can stop him, each of which have their own special abilities. Players must explore the open-ended world, defeat enemies, find treasures, upgrade weapons, and learn new abilities for the fighters if they're to defeat the evil Doctor. The title is arriving on Xbox One on June 15th.

Warhammer: Chaosbane

Publisher Bigben, developer Eko Software, and Games Workshop have teamed up to create another title in the Warhammer universe. Advertised as the "first Action-RPG to take place in the Warhammer Fantasy world", players enter the Old World, a continent destroyed by the many wars against the forces of Chaos. Players assume the role of a human, a high elf, a wood elf, or a dwarf as they explore the Old World, finding locations like cursed city Praag, or the old capital of the Empire, Nuln. Gameplay details are scarce right now, but the game will be coming to "console" in the future.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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