Jaryn and Kerith are In Da Club Today for Dance Central 3

By Rebecca Smith,
After a break last month where none of the characters had any birthdays, today is the first of two opportunities in June to get the Go Shorty achievement online in Dance Central 3. For today, players will need to complete the track "In Da Club" with Jaryn or Kerith, the twins that make up The Glitterati. The characters are unlocked at level 16, so you'll need to be a little way through the game before you'll be able to unlock the achievement today.

Dance Central 3Go ShortyThe Go Shorty achievement in Dance Central 3 worth 48 pointsPerform "In Da Club" with a character on that character's birthday.

If today is no good for you, there's a second date this month that you can mark in your calendar. On June 11th, you can complete the song with Cyph-56 or Cyph-78, the two robots otherwise known as D-CYPHER. The exact level at which these charaters are unlocked differs slightly between players, but to complete the achievement with either of these two, you'll need to be around level 35-40.

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Of course, if you're not concerned about having a timestamp on your achievement, there's also the possibility of going offline and changing the date on your console. If you do want a timestamp but can't make either of June's dates, the next opportunity for the achievement will be on July 24th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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