Development Ends for The Crew

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
In just over three weeks, The Crew 2 will be hitting consoles around the world. In news that won't be surprising to many people, this means that the game's predecessor The Crew will officially be left behind. Developer Ivory Tower has confirmed that the temporary hiatus on patches for the game has now turned into a permanent halt. After providing support for the title for over three years, the team will now no longer be creating new content for The Crew or either of its expansions, "Wild Run" and "Calling All Units".

March Update screens

While the team will no longer be adding to the game, they stress this does not mean that the servers are closing. The team has "no plans to shut down the The Crew servers any time soon". They will also be "running occasional maintenances" to make sure those servers are working as intended, and the game's support team will also remain available, so don't panic — all of the game's achievements will remain obtainable until further notice.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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