BattleBlock Theater Sunsets Community Created Levels

By Rebecca Smith,
The Behemoth's final creation for Xbox Live Arcade, BattleBlock Theater, has already passed its fifth birthday. Throughout that time, the developer has supported the community through highlighting their favourite community made levels, as well as providing and rotating through special characters that players could unlock every week. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Both of the aforementioned features will be heading into the sunset in June/July.


The first of the two features to disappear will be the community made levels. On June 25th, players will no longer be able to upload playlists to the Community Theater, nor will they be able to access any of the community levels made by other players. Right now, the "new user-created playlists" section of the Community Theater is empty, but the Top-Rated playlists, Top Downloaded playlists, and Behemoth’s Favorite / Recommends curated list will remain populated until the closure date. This means that you only have until June 25th to unlock the following two achievements, because they will be discontinued after that date:

BattleBlock TheaterTheater CriticThe Theater Critic achievement in BattleBlock Theater worth 34 pointsPlay and rate 10 user-created levels.

BattleBlock TheaterTheater ManagerThe Theater Manager achievement in BattleBlock Theater worth 29 pointsDownload and host a game of user-created levels.

The second of the two features affected is the special character unlocks. Also from June 25th, The Behemoth will no longer be rotating the star prisoners players can unlock. After this date, Furbottom’s Features and the character unlocks will remain the same until this feature also goes away sometime in July — the exact date is yet to be confirmed. Any star prisoners players have unlocked before this date will remain in their inventory. If you have some prisoners you haven't yet unlocked, the special unlocks will be given out at a rate of three per day (changing around 2PM Pacific Time) until June 25th to give plenty of opportunity to do so. You can see which characters will be available each day by visiting the game's Facebook page or the events calendar. No achievements are affected by the removal of this feature.

While the above features are going away, the Local and Online Story, Local and Online Arena Modes (levels included with the game), and leaderboards will remain available. The Level Editor will also be available for local play.

We've got the full list of BattleBlock Theater achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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